Victorias Secret Credit Card

Victorias Secret Credit Card
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Victorias Secret Credit Card

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  • Automatic upgrades to Angel statuses based on spending habits
  • Can combine promotional offers and codes
  • Also works at Bath and Body Works
92 User Score
26 Clicks

Automatic upgrades based on spending habits make it easy to increase your rewards. Perfect credit not required for approval; people with FICO scores as low as the 400s report successfully getting this card.

This is a store credit card, not a Mastercard or VISA. The interest rate is high, so pay off purchases quickly if you can.


Love filling your closet with bras and underwear from Victoria’s Secret? Perhaps you have a soft spot for Love Spell and other alluring fragrances from this popular store? If so, you might benefit from a Victoria’s Secret credit card.  

More than 1,600 locations accept Victoria’s Secret cards, so utilizing your credit line is a cinch. You can use your card at Bath and Body Works, PINK, Victoria’s Secret, and Read on to learn whether a Victoria’s Secret credit card is a good fit for your lifestyle.


Victoria’s Secret credit cards are issued by Comenity Bank, a well-known -- but not always respected -- credit card provider. Comenity works with more than 50 million cardholders, but the company is notorious for its high interest rates, poor customer service, and inflexibility regarding late payments. If you’re willing to take a chance on a Comenity card from Victoria’s Secret, you have multiple options.

Cardholders begin with a basic Victoria’s Secret Angel card. After that, you can upgrade to Angel VIP or Angel Forever status. Upgrades are automatic, and they’re based on spending habits. You jump to Angel VIP after earning at least 500 points, while Angel Forever requires at least 1,000 points.  

Expect a low initial credit limit. Some cardholders report limits as low as $250, but you can request an increase after you establish a solid payment history.


Victoria’s Secret dotes on cardholders from day one. As soon as you get approved, you get a 15% discount code for your first purchase.

After that, expect to receive unexpected coupons via postal mail multiple times a year. Victoria’s Secret also offers exclusive discounts via email for cardholders, but some of them are limited to Angel VIP and Angel Forever members.

Angels, Angel VIPs, and Angel Forever cardholders get a birthday gift each year from Victoria’s Secret. Angel Forever cardholders also get a yearly thank you gift.

If you’re ordering online, make sure your purchase includes a bra. Angels get free shipping on online purchases that include a bra, even if you buy more than just lingerie.

Rewards are low compared to some cards, but they aren’t awful. You get 3 points for every $1 you spend on bras, plus 1 point for every $1 spent on other Victoria’s Secret items. There are often special promotions that offer triple points for all purchases, especially for Angel Forever members.

Each time you rack up 250 points, you get a $10 certificate. Angel Forever cardholders get $15.

Shoppers can typically stack online promo codes or combine in-store coupons, which is why there are numerous forums and Facebook groups dedicated to Victoria’s Secret deals. You can also stack Bath and Body Works coupons unless they state otherwise, but remember, you only get reward points for Victoria’s Secret purchases.


Victoria’s Secret offers store-branded credit cards, so they don’t have many of the benefits associated with regular credit cards. In addition to the perks listed above, you can attend panty parties and score special gifts just for cardholders. For example, Victoria’s Secret and PINK often offer free tote bags, socks, robes, and lingerie for cardholders who meet the minimum purchase requirement during special events.

There’s no cash-back option for cardholders; you can only earn points toward gift cards.


There’s no annual fee for any of the Victoria’s Secret cards, but there are plenty of other expenses. For starters, there’s a hefty 26.49% variable interest rate for purchases. You can avoid this fee by paying your balance in full within 25 days after the previous billing cycle closes.

Returned payments cost up to $25, and late payments have a fee as high as $37. You can try getting these fees waived, but cardholders report that Comenity typically won’t budge.


Yes, if you already shop at Victoria’s Secret, PINK, or Bath and Body Works often. You can build a solid credit history while you enjoy rewards and other cardholder perks.

If you don’t frequent any of these stores, consider a traditional MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover card. Unfortunately, these options are not available when you apply for a Victoria’s Secret credit card.  

If you like to shop but want a familiar logo on your card, you might appreciate the TJ Maxx MasterCard. You’ll rack up 5 points per dollar at stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, but you’ll still earn 1 point per dollar when you shop elsewhere. This is a practical alternative to the Victoria’s Secret card if your credit history makes an approval possible.

  • 3 points for every $1 spent on bra purchases at Victoria’s Secret
  • 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases from Victoria’s Secret
  • Triple point days for all purchases every month (number depends on card tier)
  • Angel Forever status when you earn just 1,000 points
  • A $10 Birthday Reward each year your card is active
  • Free Shipping on purchases that include bras. Check code on website.
  • $10 certificate automatically issued for every 250 points ($15 for Forever cardholders)
  • Can combine multiple certificates and combine certificates with other offers