Kohls Charge Card

Kohls Charge Card
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Kohls Charge Card

Why People Love It
  • Receive up to 18 special discount offers each year
  • Get access to special Kohl's Charge cardholder savings events
  • Combine discounts, offers, and rewards for mega savings
80 User Score
365 Clicks

For regular Kohl's shoppers, this card can save you tons of money. The department store allows you to combine the savings you get from the card and other sources to get savings you wouldn't get any other way. 

It's also a great option for people who are looking to build their credit history. Plus, there's no annual fee.

The Kohl's Charge card is a closed-loop card, so you can only use it at Kohl's. Also, it can take a lot of brain power to take advantage of all the card's benefits. Lastly, its APR is super high.  

Faveable Review

The Kohl’s Charge card is one of the best store credit cards on the market, but it’s also one of the most complicated. The card offers monthly discounts and special cardholder-only sales, and you get rewards points from every Kohl’s purchase you make.

What’s more, the department store allows you to stack all of the above to get huge discounts. But it requires extra time and legwork to do it.

Kohl’s Charge card review - Kohl’s Charge card highlights

If you’re a frequent Kohl’s shopper, get ready for major savings. The Kohl’s Charge card offers a smorgasbord of discounts, rewards, and sales.

For starters, you’ll get 30% off your first purchase with your Kohl’s Charge card, regardless of whether you shop online or at a brick-and-mortar location. Plus, you’ll get a 15% discount when you get your card in the mail.

Going forward, you’ll get 12 special offers every year. And if you manage to spend $600 or more on the card in a year — it’s only accepted at Kohl’s so it’s harder than you think — you’ll be considered a Most Valued Customer.

With this status, you’ll get six more discount offers during the year, a $10 birthday gift, and exclusive free-shipping events throughout the year.

Kohl’s also offers special discounts for its Kohl’s Charge card customers by sending advance notices of Kohl’s Charge sales events.

Lastly, you’ll get a $10 gift if you sign up for paperless statements, which also makes it easier for you to access your monthly statements online.

Kohl’s Charge card rewards and perks

The Kohl’s Charge card doesn’t technically offer rewards. But if you sign up for the Yes2You Rewards program, you’ll earn 1 point per dollar spent on qualifying purchases made in-store and online, regardless of how you pay.

Every time you reach 100 points, you’ll get $5 in Kohl’s Cash. So, you’re essentially getting a 5% rewards rate when you shop at Kohl’s, whether or not you use your Kohl’s Charge card.

Note, however, that Yes2You Rewards points expire after one year if you don’t redeem them. And once you convert your points to Kohl’s Cash, you’ll have just 30 days to use it before it expires.

Kohl’s Charge card benefits

The best part about the Kohl’s Charge card is that the department store allows you to combine all of the benefits you get from the card and other ways.

For example, let’s say you’re in the following situation:

  • There’s a Kohl’s Charge card sale going on with a special 20% discount for cardholders.
  • You just redeemed some Yes2You Rewards points for $15 in Kohl’s Cash.
  • You earned $10 in Kohl’s Cash at a Kohl’s Cash event, which happens frequently.
  • Kohl’s.com is offering a 15% sitewide discount for all customers.

So, you head to Kohl’s.com and find a smart TV selling for $500. Since you can combine all of the benefits we mentioned above, Kohl’s will apply your discounts and Kohl’s Cash in the following order:

  • Department-specific, dollar-off or percent-off promotions
  • Dollar-off coupons like Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You rewards
  • Sitewide or storewide discounts

The result is that instead of paying $500 for a new TV, you’ll pay only $318.75 — that’s a 36% discount, and you wouldn’t get it without the Kohl’s Charge card.

But as you can see, things can get complicated and trying to keep track of all of the different ways you can save can make your head spin.

Kohl’s Charge card costs and fees

The Kohl’s Charge card doesn’t charge an annual fee, but its APR is extremely high at 26.24% — much higher than the 14.99% average interest rate, according to the Federal Reserve. And if you’re late on a payment, you’ll not only pay a late payment fee of up to $38, but you’ll also pay a penalty APR of 29.24%.

So, before you apply for this card, decide that you’ll always pay off your balance on time and in full. Carrying a balance from month to month can limit the card’s value.

Does the Kohl’s Charge card make sense for me?

As with other store credit cards, the Kohl’s Charge card only makes sense if you shop at Kohl’s frequently. The card is a closed-loop card, which means that you can’t use it anywhere else.

But just because you’re getting discounts with the Kohl’s Charge card, doesn’t mean getting the card is wise. Receiving a flurry of discount and sales offers can prompt you to spend money on things you don’t need. So, consider this card only if you can exercise discipline and use the discount offers only when you need them.

One thing to note about the card is that it’s a good fit for someone who is new to credit or trying to rebuild a bad credit history. But you may get a small credit limit on the card, so be wise about how much you use it. Bumping up against your credit limit each month can hurt your credit score.

As with any credit card, consider your spending habits and preferences about benefits before applying for this card. Also, compare it to other credit cards that you can use anywhere to see if you might get more value.  


Application Process: Online or in-store. Approval can take as little as 60 seconds.

Annual Fee: None.

APR: A variable rate of 26.24%. For late payments, there's a penalty APR up to 29.24%.

Rewards: The card doesn't offer rewards, but you can sign up for the Yes2You Rewards program and earn 1 point per dollar spent. For every 100 points you earn, you can get $5 in Kohl's Cash.

Bonus Offers: Get a 30% discount on your first order with the Kohl's Charge card, plus a 15% discount when you get the card in the mail.

Featured in
  • Save 30% on your first purchase using your new Kohl’s Charge card, plus a 15% discount when you get the card in the mail.
  • Receive at least 12 special offers each year.
  • Spend $600 on your Kohl's Charge to become a Most Valued Customer (MVC) and receive at least 18 discounts a year, a $10 birthday gift, and special free-shipping events. 
  • Combine discounts, Yes2You Rewards, and Kohl's Cash for mega savings.