Capital One Venture Rewards Card

Capital One Venture Rewards Card
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Capital One Venture Rewards Card

Why People Love It
  • A simple, no-fuss earning structure and redemption process
  • Flexible rewards: miles don't expire and there are no blackout dates
  • Nerdwallet lauds the card's “Stress-free 2% travel rewards”
96 User Score
595 Clicks

This card stands out thanks to a high rewards rate of 2x the miles per $1 spent, plus flexible, user-friendly redemption options. Like many of the other best Capital One credit cards, the use of this card means no foreign transaction fees—a perfect pair with mileage-focused rewards points.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you might be deterred from this card because of the fact that it offers no airline specific perks. You may be better off with more specific airline credit cards. Furthermore, you won’t get a lot out of this credit card if you’re looking for general cash back benefits—this is a card whose strength lies in travel.

Faveable Review

The Capital One® Venture® credit card is a flexible, points earning card that opens up opportunities for free and discounted travel around the world. Unlike airline or hotel specific cards, the Venture® card gives you flexible points redeemable for upcoming trips or to reimburse yourself for past travel expenses. If you want a credit card with an easy-to-understand point earning system and very flexible redemption options, the Capital One® Venture® credit card may be perfect for your needs.

Capital One® Venture® review - Capital One® Venture® credit card highlights

The Venture® card from Capital One® is one of the most popular general travel rewards credit cards. With a huge 50,000 point signup bonus after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first three months of opening an account, you’ll be on track to a free plane ticket or hotel night in no time! You also earn a flat rate 2x miles for every dollar spent on purchases with no limit to what you can earn.

A standout feature of the Venture card is the ability to use miles to book upcoming trips through the Capital One travel portal or use your points to reimburse yourself for past travel expenses. If you took a flight and forgot to use your miles, for example, you can open your statement online and click to use miles to pay for that purchase, essentially wiping it off of your balance on your next statement.

Capital One® Venture® rewards and perks

This credit card gives you the ability to earn “miles,” which are Capital One’s version of points for this credit card. Members generally earn a flat 2 points per dollar on every purchase. For bookings at, cardholders get 10 points per dollar spent.

You have four primary methods to redeem miles, and two that stand out as the best options. First, you can reimburse yourself for past travel using miles. Redemptions are at 1 cent per point, so paying yourself back for a $10 Uber ride would require 1,000 miles, and paying yourself back for a $200 flight would cost 20,000 miles. You can use your points across a wide array of purchases coded as travel, which includes airline, hotel, taxi, train, bus, and many other charges.

Next, you can redeem miles at the same 1 mile = 1 cent rate for future trips in the Capital One® booking system. This works similarly to big travel booking websites like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and others, giving you access to a wide range of hotels and airlines to book your travel. Because you are booking with dollars as far as the airline or hotel is concerned, your miles are not subject to any restrictions or blackout dates. Just be aware that a more expensive reservation requires more miles.

You can also cash in your miles for gift cards at a value of 1 cent per mile or redeem for cash back at one half cent per mile. Redeeming for cash back gives you half the value per point, so never waste your miles like that! If you stick with travel, you will get the best bang for your mile.

Capital One® Venture® credit card benefits

In addition to earning valuable travel rewards, this card comes loaded with benefits tailored to those who love to travel. Enjoy no foreign transaction fees no matter where you are in the world. While you’re on the road, this card offers travel accident insurance, auto rental collision coverage, and travel assistance that includes a quick emergency replacement if your card is lost or stolen.

Like most credit cards, you have $0 fraud liability, so if you lose your card or someone steals your data, you are not liable for any charges. For big purchases, you can rest easy if something goes wrong thanks to extended warranty protection on top of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Capital One® Venture® costs and fees

While this card is loaded with valuable features, it does come with an annual fee of $95, which is waived the first year. However, considering the signup bonus is worth $500 in free travel alone, it is easy to justify the annual fee. To break even on the fee beyond the bonus and first year, you would have to spend just $4,750 per year on the card.

This card charges a variable rate APR based on your personal credit history and current market interest rates, which can change at any time. Cash advances charge a slightly higher APR.

This is a very low-fee card, with only a 3% fee ($10 minimum) for cash advances and up to $39 for late payments.

Does the Capital One® Venture® credit card make sense for me?

The Venture® card is in a crowded field of great travel rewards cards, and it stands out for its simple but valuable 2x points per dollar everywhere you spend and the ability to use your miles for any hotel, airline, or other travel related expense. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, it might be perfect to help you save up points for your dream vacation!


Application Process: Apply for your shiny new credit card on Capital One’s website and receive a decision within seconds.

Annual Fee: This credit card comes with a fee of $95 per year, but you’ll get a free pass during your first year of use.

Rewards and Redemption Options: There are two ways to claim rewards when using this card:

  1. Use Capital One’s platform to find hotel, flight & rental car deals.
  2. Use Capital One’s Purchase Eraser to get statement credit for your flight or hotel.

What makes Capital One’s Purchase Eraser different than the standard option is that there is no minimum for full travel statement credit options, just a 2,500 mile minimum for partial travel credit redemptions. This means that you can redeem at least $25 to help offset costs for more expensive tickets.

Bonus Offers: Capital One offers a one time bonus of 50,000 miles for every $3,000 spent in the first 3 months of account opening, or $500 in rewards.

  • Enjoy a one-time bonus of 50,000 miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within 3 months from account opening, equal to $500 in travel
  • Earn unlimited 2X miles per dollar on every purchase, every day
  • New! Earn 10 miles per dollar on hotels when you pay with your Venture card at; learn more at
  • Fly any airline, stay at any hotel, anytime
  • Travel when you want with no blackout dates
  • Miles won't expire for the life of the account and there's no limit to how many you can earn
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $0 intro annual fee for the first year; $95 after that