Capital One Savor Card

Capital One Savor Card
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86 User Score
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Capital One Savor Card

Why People Love It
  • 3% cash back on restaurants
  • No annual fee
  • $150 cash sign up bonus
86 User Score
385 Clicks

  • "Everywhere else" cash back only 1%
  • No miles or points for travel
Faveable Review

Everyone has to eat, but grocery and restaurant purchases can add up fast. If you want to turn every visit to the supermarket or your favorite [insert favorite food here] joint into cashback, this is the card for you. It pays up to 3% back, and pays new cardholders a $150 signup bonus after $500 in purchases within 3 months of opening a new account. If you are a frequent diner and love going to restaurants, this is one of the best cards on the market today.

Capital One® Savor® review

The Savor® credit card is designed for people who like food. Considering all of us have to eat, that includes just about everyone. If you think of yourself as a foodie, however, it is even more exciting and compelling.

This card pays 3% cash back at restaurants, 2% cash back on groceries, and 1% cash back everywhere else. That fancy $100 sushi dinner where you treated your significant other’s parents to show off puts $3 back in your pocket. It won’t cover your fatty tuna roll, but it certainly helps. But the cash back doesn’t end there.

New cardholders can earn $150 bonus cash back after spending $500 on purchases (restaurants included) in the first three months after opening a new account. That is 30% cash back on your first $500 in purchases if you qualify!

If you have high balances on other cards or want some breathing room away from interest payments, this card has plenty to offer in that department as well. Enjoy 0% APR on all purchases and balance transfer for the first 9 months you have the card.

Rewards are flexible and valuable. Turn your cash back into a statement credit, a check, or use it to reimburse yourself for a past purchase. With this card, you’ll have so much cash back your biggest decision will be where to go for dinner, not how to pay.

Capital One® Savor® rewards and perks

The reward program for the Capital One® Savor® card is cash back. Earn $150 in cash back after spending $500 within 3 months of opening a new account, and earn cashback on every purchase you make. Cardholders get 3% at restaurants, 2% at grocery stores, and 1% everywhere else.

When you have built up enough cash back that you’re ready to cash in, Capital One® offers many flexible ways to do so. Turn your cash into a check, statement credit, or reimburse a past purchase before a payment is due. You can also turn your cash back into gift cards, donate to charity, or transfer your rewards balance to another account.

Because it is cash, not miles or points, you can use it any way you want. Use your cash back for restaurants, travel, or bank account savings. It is 100% up to you. Cash rewards never expire as long as you keep your account open.

Capital One® Savor® credit card benefits

Like other Capital One® credit cards, Savor® comes with many useful benefits beyond the reward program.

For purchases, this card offers price protection and automatic extended warranty coverage. Price protection covers you from a price decrease within a short period after buying an item. Just let Capital One® know and you’ll have a refund in no time. Extended warranty coverage gives you protection after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

When traveling, this card comes with travel assistance, travel accident insurance, baggage delay insurance, and more. Check the entire World Elite Mastercard® benefits to learn more about what this card offers.

Complimentary concierge service included with this card helps you book travel or other reservations, including that hard to get restaurant in some cases. Concierge also helps with travel interruptions, trip cancellations, identity theft resolution, and much more all at no extra cost to you.

Capital One® Savor® costs and fees

This card has no annual fee, making it a standout with such great cashback rewards.

The card charges variable rate interest from 15.74% APR to 24.49% APR based on your credit history and current market rates. Interest rates can change at any time. The cash advance APR is 24.49%.

The card has no foreign transaction fee, but charges 3% for balance transfers completed within the first 9 months and 3% ($10 minimum) for cash advances. Missed and late payments cost up to $35 per occurrence.

Does the Capital One® Savor® credit card make sense for me?

Capital One® Savor® is a great credit card for anyone who loves dining at restaurants. Millennials and other young professionals who go out for lunch, enjoy dinners out with friends, and regularly spend at bars that are classified at restaurants on your credit card statement can easily earn valuable cash back, as can anyone who frequents outside dining options.

Unless you only want travel rewards, there is not much bad to say about it. As long as you use the card responsibly, it has a lot to offer in terms of rewards with few costs. And, with no foreign exchange fees, you can head to Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants in England or treat yourself to other culinary experiences around the world without losing your shirt to fees.

This is a great credit card, and one that any frequent diner will enjoy with few costs and little to lose.


This is a high earning cashback rewards card perfect for people who love dining out. Earn 3% at restaurants and 2% on groceries with no annual fee.