5 Best Instant Approval Credit Cards

5 Best Instant Approval Credit Cards

Before we get into the best instant approval credit cards for bad credit, it’s important to note that there technically aren’t any good “instant approval credit cards” out there.

Most issuers that promise an instant credit card without a credit check  — you’ll see one exception below — are predatory lenders. So these are not the kind of instant credit cards you want.

Not only do they charge outrageous fees (no legitimate credit card issuer is going to charge you a fee to process your application or monthly maintenance), but many don’t report all of your activity to the three national credit bureaus.

And if they don’t do that, you won’t build any credit by using them.

That said, there are some credit cards that are easier to get approved for, even if you have bad credit. So, some of these cards still go by the term “instant approval credit cards for bad credit” because your chances of getting approved are fairly high.

As you decide which card to get, here’s what to consider:

    • Don’t get a card that charges insane fees. Some of the best instant approval credit cards don’t charge an annual fee at all, and some charge annual fees below $50.
    • Consider what you need. Some cards don’t run a credit check, while others don’t charge foreign transaction fees. Understand your priorities from the get-go.
    • Ask yourself if you plan to carry a balance. In general, Faveable doesn’t recommend carrying a balance on your credit card from month to month. You can avoid interest entirely by paying your balance in full each month. But if you do plan to carry a balance, get a card with a lower interest rate.

Now, let’s get to the best instant approval credit cards and why we like them.

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