6 Best Credit Cards for Military Personnel

6 Best Credit Cards for Military Personnel

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act caps interest at 6% for pre-military financial obligations, but what happens after you commit to serve your country? Military benefits are notoriously slow to kick in, and you may find yourself relying on credit cards often.

If that happens, you should ideally get a credit card with a low interest rate, no annual fee, and a generous rewards program. However, we realize sometimes bad credit limits your options. That’s why we’ve included several secured cards on our list of the best credit cards for military members.

And then there’s the fact that military life often requires relocations - sometimes in completely different countries. Because of this, we included as many cards as possible without foreign transaction fees.

Take a look at the best credit cards for military members to find the perfect addition to your wallet, whether you’re doing active duty overseas or enjoying life as a retired veteran in the Midwest. And thank you for your service!

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