5 Best Chase Credit Cards

5 Best Chase Credit Cards

Although Chase is most well-known as a bank, they offer an enviable selection of credit cards. The best Chase credit card offerings include some of the best rewards credit cards on the market.

Some made especially for travel, some with large signup bonuses, and many with a great points program in Chase Ultimate Rewards.


If there's anything missing from Chase's extensive credit card offerings, it's the fact that there's no Chase student credit card and no Chase secured credit card (though there is a prepaid option). There actually used to be a Chase student credit card, but it's since been discontinued.

But if you are looking for the best Chase credit card you can find and you are not a student and your credit score is just fine, we have a pretty sweet list to choose from.

Chase's credit card portfolio seems to target a more experienced credit card user. If you are the type of person has been using credit cards for some time and you have responsibly building up their credit, you can get some tasty rewards if you choose the best Chase credit card for your own specific needs.

Here's the deal:

If you identify as a student or someone who has no/bad credit, consider the following guides to find a more suitable credit card for your situation:

Moving forward, while many of the cards on this list of the best Chase credit cards have an annual fee, most are justified when it comes to the bonuses offered by the card.

But there are options on this list that have no annual fee.

Plus, Chase is known for having one of the best rewards programs. Chase Ultimate Rewards is the portal at which many of Chase's credit card rewards are redeemed. You can use points to earn cash back, gift cards, and travel miles.

When redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards, points are worth extra: 1.25 cents per point, instead of 1 cent each.

Some Chase credit cards also participate in rotating bonus Chase Freedom categories for up to 5x rewards points on dining, gas, community, holiday gifts, and more.

What's the bottom line?

If you're ready to add some new plastic to your wallet, pick from the best Chase credit cards according to your unique needs and preferences: whether you're a frequent traveler, family shopper, or want to responsibly rack up tons of rewards.

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